Online Learning Advantages and Disadvantages


Face-to-face learning such as Webassign classes has been for a long time the only and acceptable form of learning. However, in today’s world, there are many changes and circumstances that do not allow one to learn face-to-face. Someone could want to study in a given institution but due to geographical barriers, they are unable to travel and study. Some are disabled and cannot be able to make it every day to the required institution. This warrants online learning or learning by distance. It may be argued that the degrees earned online are not credible but they all learn the same content and do the same exams. The only difference is that teacher interaction is minimal compared to the conventional face-to-face.

Although learning online is advantageous, it also has its own disadvantages. As a prospective student, you have to weigh your options and see which one works best for you. Below we will give you some of the advantages and disadvantages from being an online student.


  1. Almost free. Some of the institutions will offer their courses absolutely free while some will charge some little amount. When compared to a full time student, the fees is fairly low making it possible for most students who have financial problems will be able to study their desired courses.
  2. Students get to study at their own time. Unlike the face-to-face studies where there is a timetable and you have to attend the classes as per schedule, the online classes are at your convenience and you are able to attend the classes whenever you have the time. This works for most students as some are working during the day and you will be able to study and work at the same time.
  3. Accessible anywhere. The advantage of this online study is that you will be able to study from wherever you are not limited to any geographical barriers. Getting into your dream institution will no longer be a dream for any student as they can apply to all the universities they wish to join.


  1. Lack of human interaction. While at school, students get to interact with each other and discuss some of the challenges they are facing in their studies. They will also be able to form small study groups and discuss issues they face and hopefully get to the bottom of the issue. For online student, they are all alone and sometimes this solitude will alienate them from the main group and sometimes they can be frustrated by the situation since they are not interacting with other humans. The students also lack the element of competition from other students. Competition is healthy for any student as it helps them to keep them on their toes and perform better. For online students, they do not have any visible competition and this may make them lag behind in their studies.
  2. Some of the courses that are learnt online require practicals, which are a bit difficult to be practiced online. This means that these students will miss out on some of the important concepts as they will not be able to relate with the rest. They will therefore find learning difficult for them as the course will appear to be hard especially if they cannot travel and take part in the practical.

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